Almost two years ago I was fortunate to meet Kelly and be introduced to her unique custom services for indoor plants. As a designer without a green thumb, it’s extremely helpful to work with someone with so much knowledge and a flair for creating beautiful presentations. She has the most interesting plants and unique planters! Since that time, I have purchased several creations primarily for clients but also as gifts for friends and family. I highly recommend Kelly for her wonderful service and attention to detail!
— Jane Gijsbers, Jane Interiors LLC

Having The Annex host our child’s 12th birthday party was a great decision and incredible experience. Such a fun and unique way for kids (and adults!) to enjoy time together, share ideas, and leave with a truly unique creation of their own! The staff was great from start to finish with planning and coordinating the event day of. I would highly recommend The Annex as a unique party venue for people of all ages.
— Angela Gove

Kelly Green, of Southern Green, crafts beautifully unique home decorations using fabulous hand-picked containers and wonderfully exotic plants. You will never see a duplicate of her work anywhere. As I look around my home this season, I see two large creations that are going into their second holiday season and remain the prettiest attractions in the room. They are the perfect counter point to the usual decorations, bringing life and class to any room! When I want something really special for any occasion, I find it at Southern Green!
— Esther Schuldt

It has been a pleasure to see many of the stunning creations made by Kelly. I have used many of them as gifts as well as for myself in my home. Also, they are a great alternative to live flowers for funerals and special occasions. I highly recommend the classes that Kelly gives on live plants. They are so informative and fun.
— Carolyn Nieuwkoop, Northville, MI

I have been a loyal (and frequent) Southern Green customer since Kelly started her business a few years ago. I first saw her plants in the Starring Gallery in Northville. Since I had never seen live plants in that gallery before, I assumed they were artificial plants because they looked so perfect! When I discovered they were all live plants, I marveled at how unique the plants and planters were and how creatively they were displayed. I have been to several of Kelly Green’s workshops on various topics over the past two years, and most recently, I attended a hands-on workshop where I made my OWN Christmas-themed planter with a lovely bromeliad. It was so much fun. My house is filled with plants now, I just wish I had more light in my home so I could have some of her higher light needing plants. I guess I’ll just have to move.
— Dinah Payne, Northville, MI

I love all the fun and one-of-a-kind planters and exotic plants that Kelly offers! I have attended a workshop at Tootie and Tallulah’s, own many of her plants for my own home and have gifted more than one unique arrangement to friends and family! She is my plant lady!
— Lindsey Rebhan, Lathrup Village, MI