Owner and resident green thumb, Kelly Green, is the heart behind Southern Green. Kelly believes that every home and indoor space needs live, green elements to create a positive feng shui. Well maintained live plants in a home provide and enhance the beauty of any interior space. They add an eclectic, organic element that makes a house a home, add warmth to an office space, and add beauty and interest to all kinds of celebrations. Southern Green was born out of a desire to promote and provide indoor plant-scapes like the ones Kelly grew up with in her Tampa, FL home but with a modern and often whimsical flair for unique appeal.




When I moved from Florida to Michigan, I became more convinced than ever of the beauty, versatility and functionality of indoor plants as a core design element within a living space. I created Southern Green to showcase unique greenery and boutique plants as both a form of creative expression and a decor essential to creating a warm and beautiful space.

I hope you can use my website as both a gallery for inspiration and a resource to successfully maintain healthy, lush indoor plants. 

- Kelly

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