Transitioning Your Front Door to Fall!

UH -OH It’s that time of year again. Front door transition time. For some of us transitioning the decorations on your front door or porch are a regular part of the change of seasons. Think of your front entrance like you think of your wardrobe. You need something a little more functional, seasonal and festive. If you’ve never tried it, it’s easy and VERY fun!

Fall Transition

Those beautiful summer planters? Annuals in pots? They’re beginning to look a little tired, right? Replacements are probably in order and there are lots of options. You can start by substituting your flowering plants for mums and other fall annuals. Select something bright that you can see from the sidewalk or road. You may love those darker colors but they don’t create the same sensation from a distance. Yellow is my personal favorite. I try to wait until the second or third week of September to buy my mums so that they will last through October.

Other great plants for your fall planters are ornamental cabbage, ornamental peppers, and grasses. All of these plants will withstand temps into the 40s so don’t be afraid to use them throughout October. For the grand finale to your fall planters and doorscape, just add pumpkins. Place mini pumpkins and squash around the base of your plants for interest and color. Add bigger ones around the base of the planters or the steps of your porch. Buy something real at your local farmer’s market or orchard OR find a great fake (aka faux.) I invested in some very realistic faux pumpkin and squash several years ago and use them on my front steps and planters every year. Neighbors are sure they’re real.

Next up? The front door. I usually have a wreath or door ornament of some kind and September is the perfect month for swapping it out for something more fall oriented. You can always find something reasonably inexpensive at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Try to select something that isn’t too fussy and has the most natural looking artificial pumpkins, pinecones, etc. Personally I try to avoid flowers. As much as I love sunflowers at this time of year, they are already dated by mid-October. Last year, I bought a great giant leaf door ornament from Tootie and Tallulah’s. It’s adorning my front door again and I love it!

Sad to say goodbye to summer, but enjoy the season with fun, beautiful door-scapes!


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